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Thanks for stopping here just to know more about me. I have been serious about photography ever since my wife was pregnant for our first child. We figured that we needed a decent camera to capture everything about our new baby. So, in 2008, I bought my first DSLR. Instantly, I was hooked! The thrill of gettting a great image of my kids has kept me wanting more. My interest in capturing my family's moments has extended to photographing others; including portraits, engagements, bridals, weddings, and newborns.

My Family

My wife, Erin, has been my biggest fan. Not only has she supported everything I do, she also helps out a lot. She is my assistant at weddings and handles the babies for newborn shoots. She occasionally joins me for other shoots when she can. She is also my second set of eyes, as I have her approve (and disapprove) of my postprocessing. I bounce nearly everything off her brain, and I value her input tremendously.