Doctor Visit

Everything is going smooth. We are at the end of week 13. Our doctor visit was today at 4:00. Erin had her normal urinalysis and blood pressure checked. She had 136/82, which was a little higher than last time, but Dr. Webb said that it was fine. It might be from the headache she had yesterday. The nurse tried to hear the baby's heartbeat using a doppler, but we could not get a clear reading. She said that sometimes it's hard to get a good reading at this stage. The baby has a lot of room to move around, she said. That was about it for our visit. We got information about classes to take, permitted acne and headache medicine, and we talked to Stella about "double covering" Erin. She was very nice, and said she will check on our coverage to see if my insurance will cover the remaining part of the bill after her insurance pays their portion. She will let us know at our next appointment on August 12th at 3:45pm. On a coincidental note, we ate chinese food tonight, and below is my fortune cookie. The baby's bedroom is already decorated for a girl. So, is this proof that the baby is a boy?!?