Festival International 2009

After being challenged by my brother, Sean, I ran my first 5K in a while. It was the Courir du Festival that was held downtown Lafayette for Festival International. The course was nice. However, we started out in the back of the pack, and that was a mistake. We had to weave through a lot of slow pokes for the first half mile. Next time I'll try to start at least in the middle somewhere. This time I had a cheering section, my wife, Erin, and my daughter, Emily. After the race was over we watched a band called Bombes 2 Bal from France. They were actually pretty good, eventhough they were singing in French.Phil, Mary, Ryan, Allie, Caleb, Nate, Katie and Kennedy all met us at the children's activities section of the festival called Scenes des Jeunes (for Kennedy's enjoyment). She did a few different activities that were set up at Cathedral Carmel (school). There was also a puppet show of the Three Little Pigs. However, they were too occupied. So, they got three alligators to fill the role.
Emily was pretty good the whole day, eventhough it was pretty windy. This being her first day majority spent outside, we took many precautions against her getting sunburnt.
Here is, from left to right, Caleb, Ryan, and Allie, being the moon, sun, and star.