Minor Update

I haven't posted in a while. So, here is what has been going on.

A month ago, Emily had only one tooth showing. Now, she has five!
Emily has been talking more. When I say talking, I mean "dadadadada," "nanananana," etc.

We bought her a "walker," but her feet didn't reach the floor. So, I decided to put some shoes on her, so she could reach. But, all of her shoes are too small. Since, we have gotten her a couple of pairs of shoes and now she reaches pretty well. But, she doesn't realize how to do it. However, she does know how to push her self backwards in the walker.

We finally put down the Duraceramic tiles in the guest bathroom. (we are still missing a few tiles for the closet, but don't tell anyone.

We had "date night" last Saturday at Bonefish in Lafayette.

I have been taking a photography class in the Potpourri sessions at UL. The classes haven't been ground-breaking to me, but they have been helpful.

Most recently, we had a busted pipe in the front yard! Luckily, Sean sent a guy (Tony; the same guy who fixed my A/C at the beginning of the summer) from his work to come take care of it for me. Cost me zero!