Emily's Eye Surgery

Emily has been having a clogged tear duct in her right eye since she was born. (click here for more info on clogged tear ducts)Which has irritated her, kept her eye shut after waking sometimes, gave her an unattractive right eye, and last but not least, gave her an nasty eye infection for a little over a week. Doc has always said that we would see if it cleared up by the time she turned one year old. Well, she is now one. So, doc referred us to Dr. Piccione in Lafayette. After an appointment with him, it was clear that Emily would need surgery to clear it up. Thankfully, the surgery is a very effective one (90-95% are successful) and very easy on Emily. We had the surgery three days before going to Utah for vacation (Doc said that would not be a problem). The surgery went great. Before surgery, Emily was given drops in her nose that would make her a little "happy." Here is a pic of her "happy." The marks above her eye are pen marks the Doc made to make sure the surgery was done to the correct eye.
They give her the drops so she wont go crazy when they take her away from us to go into surgery. Next, they have her anastesia through a mask. We were at the hospital from 6:20am until about 8:45am when we were released. She was pretty upset after she woke up. But, ever since then, her eye has been great. We are giving her some medicine in her eye to help prevent an infection.