hurricane gustav

Hurricane Gustav - Part 1

Well, my dad came help me board up the windows of our house. We only did the most important windows. I am more concerned with flooding, being that our house was only about a mile away from being flooded for Hurricane Rita. We have decided to go to Erin's parent's house for the storm. My brother (Sean), my mom (Terry), and my grandma (Lou) drove to Texarkana today and luckily got a hotel for tonight. They already had the hotel for tomorrow and Tuesday. Someone had just cancelled when they got there. Allie, my step-sister was in Napoleonville (near Houma) at her boyfriend's house, but decided to leave today and drive back home, where she is with my dad (Phil). My step-brother (Ryan) is staying at his appartment in Lafayette with his roommate (Spencer). Erin's Aunt Renee and cousin, Mandy, are also staying with us. It's currently 8:30pm, and we finally got the first wave of rain, including lightning. The hurricane is supposed to be a category 3 when it hits the Louisiana border tomorrow (Monday) morning, with sustained winds of 115 mph.