Hurricane Gustav Part 3

Well, it is now Wednesday, and I am at work, where I can finally blog again. Since my last post: We lost electricity on Monday at about 2:00pm, during the Hurricane. For the rest of the storm, we hung out at the front patio and watched the wind knock some trees down. The good news is that we didn't have any major damage to the property. I called Ms. Gracie, our nextdoor neighbor who stayed throught the storm, to see how our house did, and she said everything was fine besides power going out.  Although a bit muggy and hot, we passed the time by having a few drinks. On Tuesday morning, Erin and I drove to our house to check out the damage, and Gracie was right. Virtually no damage! Having no power, we went back to her parent's. We did start to get a little worried about the amount of rain we were getting. It seemed that it might flood, if rain continued to fall. However, the rain slowed down tremendously and therefore let most of the water drain. While it wasn't raining, we started to clean up Donna's yard. Without electricity, there was only so much we could do. And then power came back on at 5:00pm on Tuesday! We were excited, to say the least.