Daddy Day Care Week

As you already know, I "had" to take a week of vacation to take care of Emily this week, because Erin had to go back to work (3-16-09) and the day care (Cathy's) can't take Emily until March 30th. The first night was the worst (little monster). It started being my turn on Sunday night, and man was she fussy. She kept crying most of the night. I got her to sleep for about 40 minutes, but besides that, I was as frustrated as can be. Erin eventually came out to help. She took Emily and got her to go to sleep for good, which allowed me to sleep. From then on it has been great. I thought the next night would be bad again, so we had Aunt Renee come sleep over. With a full nights sleep, I got Emily back at 6:00am in the morning. I accomplished alot on Tuesday (St. Patrick's Day - Maybe I was lucky). I watched the movie "In The Electric Mist" (filmed in New Iberia), read some of my graphic novel "Sin City: The Hard Goodbye," visited Cathy's, deposited a check at the bank, dropped off the movie, got me a drink at Sonic, went visit my mom at her work (Bishop Lifting), ordered a stylus for Erin's tablet, and did some chores around the house. It helps that Emily was sleeping (or calm) for most of the day. We also switched to Playtex Drop-Ins bottles, because they use a disposable liner and have a forth the parts that Dr. Brown's bottles have. Tuesday night went really well by myself. I had Emily sleep in her basinette for about six hours! Right now it is Wednesday morning at 7:20 and she has been sleeping in her swing for this blog entry. Hopefully the rest of the week will continue this path.