Emily's Baptism

This past Sunday, we had Emily baptized at St. Peter's Church in New Iberia, followed by her first crawfish boil at Donna and Kent's. We were worried that Emily would be crying throughout the ceremony, but to our surprise, she slept through it all! She barely budged when the water was poured over her head. We were amazed, because we think that she has been crying more than most babies her age. In fact, we call her "little monster" as a joke. I think the nickname will stick for a while, even after she stops crying so much.

The baptism was during mass, along with 5 other babies getting baptized! The mass ended up being an hour and 20 minutes long. Sorry. She was baptized by Deacon Wade Broussard. Her Godparents are Sean Landry (my brother) and Allie Broussard (my step-sister).

After the baptism, we had the crawfish boil, where we had both sides of the family celebrating. We had some watching T.V. inside, some lounging under the recently modified patio, and some of the kids were playing baseball under the sun. There was a red velvet cake that did not last very long. Emily received many gifts from her family and friends. Meanwhile, the newly baptized Emily was resting on any shoulder she could get on. She slept pretty much the whole day. The day went by very well.