Twin's 18 Week Ultrasound

Today, we went to see the "multiples specialist" for the first time. We are seeing a specialist, because having twins is considered a "high-risk" pregnancy.  He, Dr. Scott Barrilleaux, was really a great doctor. He spent a lot of time with us explaining everything in detail. We both felt very comfortable with him. He performed the ultrasound himself. So, he was able to explain everything as he saw it. The twin boys are progressing just fine. They are each 8 oz. One baby was 2% smaller than the other in weight, but the doctor said that was within reason. Dr. Barrilleaux put Erin on a weight-gain diet, similar to the South Beach Diet, but with more calories. He wants Erin to gain 35 pounds for this pregancy, 75% of that by 6 weeks from now! However, she has already gained 8 pounds. So, doing the math, i think that comes out to be 18.25 pounds in 6 weeks!