Emily Has the Fever!

Doctor is positive that Emily has an infection. She has been having a congested nose this past weak. Doc suggest that the bacteria has caused an infection. Symptoms she has: fever ranging 100-102, little cough, getting over congestion, and a little more eye sleep and ear wax than normal. Doc prescribed eye drops and antibiotics (she has been having that eye infection in her right eye that we have been, althought not consistently, applying a prescribed ointment to). I guess I like the diagnosis. Emily has her 6-month check-up this friday. So, we will also use that as her follow-up appointment.

On a side note, Erin went watch the new Harry Potter movie last night at midnight (She already had the tickets). So, today Erin has been going on 4 hours of sleep (if you know Erin, she needs her sleep! MIGRANES). She had her own doctor's appointment this morning and Emily's appointment this afternoon. However, Emily has not really been irritated by this fever. So, atleast Erin has that going for her today. Hopefully, tomorrow (Erin's birthday), will go a little better.

I have uploaded a few new pics from last night. It doesn't look like she has a fever!